Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chanukah Thoughts

Babylonians, Persians, Greeks
They all thought we were meek
Calculated on us being weak

What did they know about Jews?
Our money they wanted to accrue
Our religion they felt we should rue

But the Maccabees felt different
And became quite belligerent
Towards those who were tolerant

Religious extremists they were
Hellenism and beauty they did spur
Their way of life they would aver

Not big-chested men were they
Body types more suited for crochet
But about Torah they were not blasé

They stood holy, few and righteous
Against impure, many and churchless
Winning with Torah as a compass

Their battles for us we must remember
So let each of us take our measure
How we stand in making things better


  1. This is fantastic!
    love the "crochet" part

  2. Thanks, glad you liked. I really enjoy your work, as is apparent from my latest post.