Sunday, December 2, 2012

Learning to say Nothing

This blog is called "Learning to say Nothing" because, frankly, that's my goal. The day that I stop writing here will be a happy day in my life. It will mean that I'll have attained certain goals, and won't have a use for blogging anymore.

Until then, I hope to write on here frequently. I have no idea what I'll be writing about, so I probably won't be writing daily, but hopefully a few times a week I'll have something to say.



  1. Because you are a Jewish princess, a daughter of nobility, it is sad - but just minutely - you have to use Robert Benchley to coin your motto, although, truth be told, it is a great saying, and cleverly said - to be sure - when - in case you didn't know - our Torah sages made of silence a treasure to seek, where one sage says
    כל ימיי גדלתי בין החכמים, ולא מצאתי לגוף טוב אלא שתיקה
    "All my days I grew up among sages, and I did not find for the body anything better than silence."

    God bless you, and may you find achievement in your effort to become wise, and in every other endeavor you undertake.

  2. Apparently my writing isn't clear enough about my gender. Something to work on as I work on learning to say nothing.

    I had looked up who Robert Benchley was at the time that I found the quote and didn't see anything about him that I felt was reason enough to not use his quote. Feel free to change my mind though.

    I'm familiar with the Chazal, and although it did not dawn on me at the time, I think they express different points and the one I chose is better suited for my purposes. Thank you though, for bringing it to my attention. I appreciate it.


  3. You're right in tune with Chazal: "Emor me'at ve-aseh harbeh"...I think it's in Pirkei Avot (from memory--not checking now as I am 1) in the midst of cleaning for Pesach, and 2) lazy.

  4. It is Pirkei Avos. Wish I were better at prioritizing- I for sure would have looked it up. Lazy. That sounds like me sometimes.