Friday, December 7, 2012

Something Different

I never thought I'd say this. Ever. In my life. I can't believe I'm going to say it now. But I'm going to say  it anyway.

I own a Victoria Secret product. I'm cringing reading the words. But it's true. I do. And I'm enjoying it too. Scarier still.

Now some of your mouses may be wandering to the "unfollow" button wondering what VS product a guy could own that he'd enjoy, but I have the answer.


It was a present from a friend's sister for helping her out with some stuff. Why Victoria Secret? Because she was there today. Just my luck that she hadn't gone to Christian Dior.


  1. Is it pink? And smell like flowers and lavender and other stuff like that?

    You are just a regular ladies man now!

  2. I thanked the heavens that it wasn't and doesn't say VS on the actual cologne bottle. It probably would've ended up in the garbage.

    If I'm not too embarrassed to tell people where I got it when people comment on it, maybe.