Sunday, December 9, 2012

Together, Forever?

I remember the day
When she walked my way
No smile on her face
Terror in its place

She told me her story
Fame, fortune and glory
Waited for my reaction
Aware of her infraction

"You said 'for life'!"
"Not as your wife"
"You said 'together'!"
"As a friend? Forever!"

Engaged to a prince
The decision was a cinch
What could I offer
That could empty his coffer?

I searched high and low
My heart losing its glow
As I lost her to the guy
Had to say goodbye

She called me today
"I just wanted to say
You still have my heart
And I'm sorry I did part"

"You left me," I cried
"I know," she sighed
"I regret it every day
But I can't get away"

"Goodbye my old friend
We've come to our end
Our relationship is over
I hope you got your closure

My wound is still open
From losing your devotion
For choosing a guy with money
Over your lifelong buddy"

With tears in my eyes
I said one last goodbye
Hung up the call
And started to bawl

The End?

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