Thursday, February 14, 2013

Going Back

This story is about a girl
A girl who made me unfurl
She asked for my heart
I gave it as a single part
Keeping nothing for me
Cuz no one is as fine as she
In my heart, anyway, is how I feel
Though perhaps I'm "below the keel"
We had good times, we had the other
"She's bad for you," says my mother
"Perhaps," I reply, "but I still like her"
We broke up, got back together
Broke up again, feels like forever
Since I saw her smile, held her hand
Joking of course, not till the wedding band
Is on the girl's finger, whoever it may be
Whichever girl God deems is for me
But pride did the both of us in
We always felt we had to win

Ever met someone who completed you
But who couldn't or wouldn't be your beau
Whatever the reason, it makes no difference
I don't want you to to make an inference
Of words poorly written, as I am no wordsmith
Or a poet, or a speaker. Let there be no myth
I am but a man, who enjoys playing with words
To express my thoughts and have them heard
Are you holding yourself back
Missing on what you lack
Due to your pride, your other half
The one who makes you laugh
Who makes you feel whole
And will complete your soul
If so, now is the time
With that, I finish this rhyme

So now I ask you, as you finish this post
Comment below, I'd appreciate it most

This thought occurred to me as I thought about relationships of friends whose stories I've been told and, or, witnessed firsthand. I am the furthest thing from a relationship guru, but after seeing countless couples break up because of an unwillingness to forgo their pride, one recently, I came up with this post.

The question you've been asked to comment on is, have you ever let a relationship die or end because of your pride?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Stay off Facebook

Busy as a bee. Thank God for that. But it also means I have had no opportunity to write. On this quiet Friday morning, here I am. It would be nice to make a commitment to write more frequently, but with my schedule as it is that’s unlikely. I suppose what ZP said is applicable here. I haven’t been terribly inspired of late to write. I have had more success with “learning to say nothing”, but nothing so challenging that I would write about it.

Reading other blogs has clued me in to some features about Blogger, so I’ve given it a go by including a picture. Not an exciting one mind you, just a screenshot of my phone.

The highlighted article deserves a post for itself for the insanity alone, but the article below is actually the reason for my first post in quite some time. It no longer appeared in my feed, so I gave witchcraft a shout out.

“A father in Wellesley, Mass., is paying his daughter $200 to stay off of Facebook. Paul Baier signed a contract with his 14-year-old daughter in which he agreed to pay her $50 on April 15 and $150 on June 26 if she stays off Facebook. The daughter also agreed to give her dad the password to her account so he could change it.”

Never seen this website, probably never will again.

What struck me about this article isn’t that someone was paying his daughter to stay off of Facebook but that it was news at all. That he paid her makes sense to me. Why it’s news, not so much. For a place like Wellesley, which I’ve never heard of, maybe it’s news. But for it to be parsed by Yahoo! and included into national news, which is sent out to hundreds of thousands of phones like mine? Reported by the AP? Aren’t incentives for staying off of Facebook commonplace?

I don’t have Facebook and don’t plan on allowing my kids to have it either. But if they did end up getting it, I would pay them to stay off.

Would you?