Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Doing Favors

Offer me a favor, please do
If you accept, I'll rely on you
The date comes and it's due
You're gone and everything's askew

I ask you for a favor and you accept
At what I'm asking, you're quite adept
But at coming on time you're quite inept
Again and again you tell me "I overslept"

When you accept a responsibility
One which is well within your capability
You're young, with no excuse for senility
You mess up, and don't expect hostility?

I offer a favor and you say yes
You show up at my door, quite a mess
"That favor?! That's quite in excess"
"And taking advantage of my largess"

You then ask me for a favor
"Only 20 minutes" seeing me waver
"Please, you'd be a life saver"
3 hours later, "Yes, you should quaver!"

The same guy it was every time
Guilty of the same darn crime
I continue to answer the phone chime
Because as a friend, he is sublime

For a favor, please don't offer or ask
Then not do it, or do it half-assed
Ask me, knowing I'm not up to the task
I swear, you're sending me to the flask

You're a good friend, you really are
Which is why I find it really bizarre
That with favors you're way below par
But aside from that, I know we'll go far

Good friends one hopes to keep for life
Even when they are a cause of strife
They may help you find your wife
They'll also, generally, listen to you feif*

*Whistle in Yiddish (in context, vent)


  1. Is is supposed to be your wife or you're wife?

    And some folks are just forgetful or lazy and unreliable. That doesn't mean they mean to be. (It's another thing entirely to ignore someone.)

  2. I wrote you're? Never. Now that I've fixed it I can say that. Thanks for letting me know. How embarrassing.

    I didn't mean to say that what you're going through and what happened with me are on the same level. I had no intention of doing so and I'm sorry for suggesting as such. I meant that regardless of the severity of what was or wasn't done to me, I would address it and not let it slide.

  3. Lost and Found would NOT make a grammar mistake if he can help it. Lol.

    Good poem! I learned some Yiddish today.

    It's great that you're using this blog as an outlet to vent. Frankly, that's one of the main uses of blogs. I hope your friend realizes that he has slighted you and that the relationship mends soon.

    1. Haha! True. I can't remember the last time I made that mistake. It's the poem's fault.

      Thanks. I think I've exhausted my knowledge of Yiddish. The rest you've probably heard or read about before.

      Ya, on my journey to "Learning to say Nothing" I realized that this is a great way to vent. I made it very clear that he was testing my patience, but we hashed it out at the time and I've moved on. He understood my frustration, apologized profusely and our relationship hasn't been affected, Thank God. I had started writing about it at the time that it happened and noticed it the other day so finished it and, voila.

  4. This one made me a giggle a tad-- I love the consistent rhyming...
    And I totally know what you mean... it's hard to do for others and not be treated kindly in return, for something big or small... it's the balance of the world and it's uncomfortable when it;s broken... I've always found it hard to rely on others to follow through... that's when I sort of let go and let G-d... He usually picks up the slack :)

    1. Thanks!

      I'm happy to be a giving person of my time, but it's difficult to maintain when others don't reciprocate the rare time they're asked.