Thursday, April 11, 2013

LtSN #3

I never liked cursing. It's uncouth, rude and necessitates a certain forgiving of ones character and morals to use foul language. When I hear people use these words I cringe and, on the rare occasion that I let one slip, I immediately berate myself for having done so.

And then there's what happened the other day. Not only did I curse, I did so in front of someone else. Twice. Not at him, but at his source. You see, A told B something that he shouldn't have. Not only should not have, but did so for the one and only reason to be a gossip. To have information that B had not been privy to and share it with him. Share it with B, knowing that he would then approach me about it. Share it with him, knowing how much the topic would upset me and ruin my mood. Ruin my night and my week.

This source, A, is someone, who by nature of who he is, had the information. The second person, is not. And so A decided to share it with B. Not for my well-being, not for my own sake, not for any other reason than to have a juicy piece of gossip to share. To elicit a reaction.

And to that, I tell you, A, go $@#% yourself.

Moments after I found out that this personal information had been passed from A to B, I bumped into B. The first thought that crossed my mind was to walk over and say the earlier stated phrase. But I didn't. 

It felt good afterwards, as it always does, as I progress on my journey to learning to say nothing. 


  1. Good for you L & F. At the end of the day, you practiced self-control. That's what matters. As far as cursing goes...sure it's uncouth and vulgar. I also cringe when I hear others swearing. But don't be too hard on yourself. I've done it in the past (in moments of sheer hurt and pain). I regretted it instantly, but I tried to move on. After all, we do live in a society that eats these kind of words for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We can only pray that it doesn't rub off on us too much.

  2. I agree with the low nature of cursing... hearing it on the streets makes me do a double take in a shock,.. but its rubbed off and in low moments, it can come out... i think people shy away from saying it because when you utter it, the strength of it, the force is so palpable... everyone knows it wrong, it stings, it burns... good for you for saying it when it was the only way to make your point.. and good for you for knowing it still hurts..

  3. Thanks Beckster. That's exactly what I took away from it. I said what I felt needed to be said, but in a time and place that no one who heard it was hurt.

    Thanks Rachelli and very true. I can't think of any words in English that have the same potency of emotion as curse words.