Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Betraying Myself

When I started this blog, I decided from the outset not to let a soul know who I am. The topics I intended on writing about were, and are, of the more personal nature, and while the information imparted wouldn't be identifying, I didn't want people's impressions of me to be affected. Cowardly perhaps, but the way I felt and feel.

But, I collapsed. Not once, but three times. In less than a week. One I'm happy about, the other two, not so much. I'm unhappy that I revealed myself to the two that I've been friends with for a few years. The haven I created is no longer a haven. It's my fault and I accept what I did. I don't blame them as it was of my own volition that I informed them.

Nevertheless, the place that I had wanted to vent in, it seemed, was gone. Until I realized that I really didn't care anymore. I am who I am and am going to write that way. What their perceptions of me now are an unknown quantity so if it changes, and I still don't know, no harm, no foul. Therefore, I will continue to write as I please. I'm threadbare enough with details as it is, that even knowing who I am tells them nothing, and I mean nothing, about who I'm writing about or who I have already written about. That won't be changing.

With that said, not only will I continue writing, nothing about this blog is going to be change. I will continue to write the content I wish to, and if those readers who know who I am learn something about me, so be it. Be it good, bad or neither, I will not be dissuaded from my writing what's on my mind. 

To repeat myself: There will never be identifying information about a person I write about. You may think you know I'm talking about, but you won't. That I can guarantee. 

To those readers who know I am: Please, when you comment, if you comment, please do so in a way that gives no indication that you know who I am or any other information that a reader could use to learn anything about me. If I choose to reveal myself to a reader, it will NOT be on a public forum. Please respect my wishes and allow for ME to be in control of what identifying information is revealed. 

This was a post I was hoping I didn't have to write, not because of the content, but because of the mood of it. I hope there won't be any other like it.


  1. This is definitely something I've gone back and forth about with my blog - I felt very self-conscious blogging after my friends first found out about what I do. Turns out their initial interest didn't last long - let's face it, there are more interesting things to read on the internet. Only a few close friends still keep up with my posts, and I enjoy when they ask me about what I've written because it's coming from a place of genuine interest.

    1. Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment.

      Very true- that's kind of, but only kind of, what I'm hoping for. I'm happy that I have readers, but some of what I have, and will probably, reveal, may be better off unknown by them. But, that's a decision I've decided to live with.

  2. I agree with Nerd With A Voice (lol to that name by the way)
    Please continue writing L&F! Don't let another's opinions about this blog and content drown your own. A lot of people know my true identity as be it then. While I won't shed my deepest secrets, I like to be genuine, and show others "Hey! This is who I am!"

    1. Never fear, the writing shall continue! Ya, I realized that recently. I am who I am and I'm happy with it. Doesn't mean I'm going to announce my failings, but should someone discover them, so be it.