Thursday, May 2, 2013


My poems always rhyme
I know no other way
Cadence, rhythm, meter?
I learned none of that
I wish to know how, I suppose
Why not?
More ways to write!

"Rhyming is a childish form"
One friend informed me
"When it's serious and rhymes,
Behold, irony!"
Ya, whatever, dude

I see other poems
Written fast and furious it seems
Are they?
My "ironic" poems are
This poem, is not

What's a poem anyway?
Are "Poetry Slams" full of poetry?
Is there rhyme? Is there reason?
Is there cadence? Is there logic?
Or are these poems, not "poems"?
The history of Free Verse Poetry?

You criticize my style
I HAVE a style!
That's a rhetorical question
Poetry Slams exist to question
The perceived rules of poetry
That's cool
I'm all for it
Style though? No.

Using your style to criticize mine
Is irony
My poetry isn't ironic
It's poetry


  1. Why must we
    Conform to be
    Like the world wants
    People will taunt
    But what you write
    Makes you right
    Or wrong, does it matter?
    The former or the latter
    Write for you
    Cuz that's true...

    Rhyming is an art that you seem to have become quite proficient in... I still use rhyming dictionaries :)

    1. Hopefully no one will be offended by this, but that was the greatest comment to date on this blog! Enjoyed it immensely.

      If I'm proficient, then no rhyming dictionary, or any dictionary for that matter, would be able to describe what you are when it comes to rhyming/poetry. I'm flattered that you think I'm good. Thank you very much!