Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tasteful Tunes Tuesday

Here we go. Round 1.5 of Tasteful Tunes Tuesday.

This week's song is amazing for numerous reasons. I could go on and on about all of the reasons, but two aspects of the video and song really stuck with me. One of them is obvious to everyone who listens to it, and the other needs some background information.

The obvious one is the guitar intro. I'm obsessed with it. It's perfect. 

The other amazing part of the video is that the explosions were filmed live with the band all there, on set. If you look closely, and time your pause perfectly, you can actually see the band members jump in surprise after the first explosion. I think they realized this and in the following sequences, specifically had them jumping around so it wouldn't be noticeable.

The lyrics happen to also be very nice. The music video takes scenes from the movie Act of Valor, and the song was written especially for the movie. The music video, or at least the song, plays during the closing credits for the movie. I guess Keith Urban saw a pre-screening of it (which makes sense because it took 

Urban has a great voice and in this song it's particularly awesome.


PS The movie was amazing. I highly recommend it. It was so realistic that the US Navy held final-editing privileges due to security concerns1.

PPS Don't watch movies.


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    1. Rather than have the link below, the actual 1 is the link to the article.

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    1. In my fantasy life, I play many instruments and guitar is one of them :) In real life, I only play piano.

    2. Lol! I do too! At least you play the piano in real life. I used to play the violin...then stopped :( Anyways, thanks for introducing me to this song. Never heard Keith Urban music before (though I always wanted to check it out). The video is vivid and impactful. Keep 'em Tasteful Tunes coming!

    3. Oh no, pick it up again! It's the most beautiful instrument on the planet.

      Glad you enjoyed! Ya, this music video rates among my favorites.

      I'm on it :)

  3. So normally I am not a country fan-- too whiny for my taste, but this one is really good! I love the explosions!!!
    Good find :)

    1. I like a bunch of country, but the genre as a whole isn't my favorite. Glad you liked!

  4. This is a good song, (though I'm a fan of country). Also, much more tasteful than the last one I think :)

    1. Ha! It would have been challenging for me to find one less tasteful!