Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You will Fail

The following question, quoted verbatim, I heard on a TedxTalk.

"Do you really, do you really, want to use your family, do you really ever want to look at your spouse and at your kid, and see your jailers?"

The name of the TedxTalk is "Why you will fail to have a great career: Larry Smith at TEDxUW" I've embedded it below.

I felt a kinship with the Talk before I watched it. I had a suspicion of what he was going to discuss, and while I wasn't exactly right, I was close.

He talks about how fear holds people back from chasing after their dreams and dream jobs.

For me, it's not fear. I suspect Mr. Smith would beg to differ, and perhaps he's right to some extent. But practically, the professions I would most prefer to go into do not make enough money to support a Jewish, Orthodox family.

That's life. That's fact. Speaking to my mentors and my rebbi, they have all told me, look at the jobs that will provide your family with a comfortable income, and then choose the one that you'll enjoy the most. Hm.

I still hope to have a "great" career, but I don't think I'll have maximized the enjoyment of my career. In that sense, I'll fail.

To watch this amazing talk, here it is below:

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