Monday, June 24, 2013

In Class with Turtles

Open Scene

Teacher (with enthusiasm): Ok, class, who would like to hear a hashgacha pratis story?

Class (except for Shmuel, as one): Meeee!!!

Teacher: Shmuel?

Shmuel: Me!

Teacher: When you’re in a store with your Mommy and there’s a long line, do you like it?

Class (except for Shmuel, as one): Noooo!!!

Teacher: Shmuel?

Shmuel: Guess not.

Teacher: Neither do I. Remember class, we can learn a very beautiful middah to have, patience, by waiting in line, but that’s not what this story is about.

Teacher: Today’s story is about me looking for high and low for a treat for my children, one of my own favorite treats, and not being able to find them.

Teacher: Who likes treats?

Class (as one): Meeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Teacher: I should talk more about treats, right class? Even Shmuel answered! (Winks at Shmuel)

Class (except for Shmuel, as one, laughs): We love Shmuel!

Shmuel (smiles): My mommy says she loves me too!

Teacher (smiling): We all love you Shmuel.

Teacher: Back to the story. As I was saying, I was looking for this candy in every store I went to. They’re called Turtles. They are little chocolate candies, with caramel inside. They’re delicious and my favorite candy.

Teacher: Who likes turtles, the animal?

Teacher: Dovid, do you like turtles?

Dovid: Nah, not so much. I like lions! Roaaaarrrr!!

Teacher (laughs): Thank you for that demonstration Dovid.

Teacher: How about you, Chaya? Do you like turtles?

Chaya: Actually, I have a turtle in my house! It’s so pretty! He doesn’t like being picked though (pouts)

Teacher: That’s so interesting. Thank you for sharing Chaya. Maybe your mother will let you bring him to Show and Tell one day! What’s his name?

Chaya: Squirt! And ok, I’ll ask! It’s my older brother’s though, so I don’t know…

Teacher: Hm, ok. How about you Avi? Do you like turtles?

Avi: I love turtles! They’re my favorite animal ever! I really really really want one, but my mother doesn’t let. She said when I move out of the house, 500 miles away, I can get one. (Hmphs)

Teacher (laughing): I’d say the same thing to my children, Avi. But one day you’ll be able to get one.

Teacher: Anyway, back to the story. So I walked into a big store to buy some errands. After I got everything I needed, I went to stand in line. The line was so big, I was standing at the end of one of the aisles!

Teacher (excited): As I was waiting, I looked around at all the candy that was in the aisles, and I saw it! Turtles!! The candy I had been looking for, in every store but this one, was in front of my eyes! Hashem wanted me to wait all the way at the back of the line so I could find the candy I was looking for.

Teacher: So you see class, sometimes being at the end of the line is a good thing! Everything Hashem does for us is for the good, and while we may not always see it, there’s always something good for us at the end of it. In this case, Turtles.

Teacher: Was that a good story?

Class (except for Shmuel, as one): Ya!!!

Teacher: Shmuel?

Shmuel: Ya. Can we have Turtles?

Teacher and class, as one, laughs.

Teacher: Yes, Shmuel, yes you can. (hands out candy)

Teacher: Now let's sing the hashgacha pratis song!

End Scene

(I took some creative license here by making Turtles Cholov Yisroel- not sure any kindergarten would serve anything that’s not Cholov Yisroel.)

In case you were wondering, the waiting in the back of the line that had me at the end of a aisle and seeing Turtles actually did happen today. The rest was my enjoyable way of saying over the story :-)


  1. Lol, creative way of sharing what happened :-) Very cute story! Turtles are delicious! (The candy, not the animal :-p)

    1. Thanks, glad you liked!

      Ya, they sooo are!! I think they're my favorite :-)

  2. Commenter: You are so creative! Isn't he, class?

    Class (as one): Yes!!!

    1. That was such a cute comment! Thanks!!!!