Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tasteful Tunes Tuesday- Sax

One plus of today's poorly arranged music is that  it allows for others to improve on it. This can be done in many different ways and many of them are really awesome.

Here's an example of a beautiful song that's been arranged differently where the original artist could take a clue or two on how he should have arranged his song to begin with.

The drums, for example, are more jazz-like, in tune with sax being a jazz instrument. The original song has a jazz sound to it but the drums... aren't. Odd.

The guitar also, is jazzier, and has a stilted rhythm to it. For this song, it's perfect. There's more going on there, and it's brilliant. In the original, it's more pop-like: simple and very repetitive. In this song it's given some complexity and a subtlety that's lacking in the original.

The piano in the original is more apparent than in this cover version. What the guitar did in the original, the piano does in this song. It's not supposed to be all that obvious here because, well, it's a sax cover. Any cover that's about one instrument always affects the others. I prefer the piano in the original a bit more, but that's what covers do, so no complaints.

So here you have it. A sax cover of Maroon 5's This Love.


When I wrote this, I hadn't been watching the video and completely forgot that it was a Jewish band playing at a Jewish wedding. If I had realized, the focus of this post may have been about my thoughts about playing secular music at a Jewish wedding. Small favors that you didn't have to read a rant.

By posting this video, I am not condoning the practice of playing secular music at Jewish weddings.

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