Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tasteful Tunes Tuesday

Some music videos, in my mind, contain content that can be worse than kol isha.

Because of movies I've watched, and music videos I've seen, I've become desensitized to seeing women in bikinis. But while watching the music video for this song, I wondered how certain friends would react to having the video played for them. The disgust and horror of being exposed to non-tznius women.

I find that sort of sensitivity to be beautiful. I envy it. In today's culture, where exposed bodies are everywhere, finding people who are still affected by it, is special.

I wish I still had that sensitivity. Now, it takes the thought of posting such a video for an audience to have me thinking about it. That's unfortunate.

With that said, I'm posting a lyric video of this song.

It's a Spanish/Portuguese song, which is rarely to my taste, but this particular one I really like. It has a really solid beat and sends my lips into subconscious movement. Listening to this song while working, I came back to Planet Earth to find myself standing and dancing.

So ya, when listening to this, pay attention to what your body tries to do to you.

And as always, enjoy!


  1. I often wonder about your taste. I mean, there are things I like, but I know the difference if they're tasteful or not. This is far from it. (And it isn't the least bit meaningful either. Its about girls dancing with their hips or something like that (I had looked up the translation. I havnt seen the music video nor will I, because that would entail listening to the song again :P ))

    I dunno, I was just under the impression that you'd be playing meaningful songs, classics or perhaps unknown should be classics. I suppose 'tasteful' is all relative.

    1. I see my cheesy alliteration is getting me in trouble. I didn't mean that all my songs would be tasteful in the sense that they would refined and proper. I meant that I enjoy them, so they're, to my taste.

      You are right though, that this song isn't tasteful in any real sense of the word. It isn't distasteful like the first one (punk goes pop) would be perceived by many. The words, which I looked up before I posted the song, aren't inappropriate, they're just silly and meaningless. That doesn't make it distasteful to me.

      I can't promise that my songs will always be tasteful, but I don't suspect I'll be posting songs like this again, simply because this genre is not generally to my liking.

      The songs I post are based on how I much like them and their obscurity relative to popular American songs. For example, I won't be posting an original Lady Gaga song, but I may post a cover of one.

      The next song I have lined up though, is quite tasteful by anyone's definition :) I think....

    2. I thought this song was everywhere when it came out, but ok.

      Looking forward :)

    3. That's very true- it's still popular today. The day after I posted this, I was on my way home from a meeting and I heard this blasting from a car down the block. I had a good laugh.

      Ok, I guess I don't actually have a formal way of deciding how I choose a song :)

  2. Replies
    1. It took 20 guys 2-3 minutes to figure out what you meant by that, but we got it eventually.

      I suppose it is. Guess you didn't like it then? :)

    2. 20 guys? Does the comments section have its own studio audience?

    3. I was in class when I got the email. I put it to the class to apply their collective brain power to figuring it out. Everyone but the professor had a wonderful time with it :)

  3. It's official, L&F: We are music buddies. Or so I humbly think. I LOVE this song! Did you raid my iPod when I wasn't looking?

    Apparently, I'm the only one (other than you, of course)in this comment section who thinks that though. I've been dancing to this beat for more than a year. I disregard the actual translation. I just allow the cheerful yet intense speed of this song to course through my veins, and wash away stress.

  4. I am also a big fan of Spanish/Latin tunes in general. I think there might be some spicy Jewish Latin blood in me. Might attest to why I like the Gypsy Kings...;)

    1. Haha, we can be music buddies :) If you have any songs you want featured, send them over! The more material I have, the longer I can stave off the temptation to post songs that I shouldn't be posting :P

      I know, right? I thought it was so innocent, but yikes, what a reception this song received. You all are still the greatest for commenting :)

      I think Shakira is the only one whose songs I consistently enjoy. Even then, it's her English songs that I like.

      Gypsy Kings.... I know I know the name, but can't think of any of their songs off the top of my head. To YouTube I head! Any recommendations?