Thursday, June 27, 2013

Torah Thought Thursday

Row, row, row your boat...

Oh, hi.

Short thought because I have stuff to do, but never too much stuff not to spend some time on Torah :-)

So, talking to a mentor last night, he told me this intriguing nice thought which, while perhaps isn't "officially" Torah, has helped me reconsider some things and reprioritize my daily activities.

He said that when he was in third grade his rebbi said that life is like a box of choc.... no no... Life is like rowing. You have two oars and they both need to work in tandem in order to get where you're going. One oar is your spiritual needs and the other is your physical needs. Focusing only on one will send your rowboat spinning in circles and not actually be going anywhere.

While it's great to row a single oar really hard, you won't get very far unless the other one is rowing equally hard.

He was telling me that while in one area it could be that I was excelling, if I was sacrificing, or not doing well in the other, then I haven't actually done very much for myself. In the short term, possibly i've accomplished something, if even that, but definitely not in the long term.

Food for thought as we all continue to try and grow in our service to Hashem as well as maintain a healthy, balanced and successful lifestyle.

Good Shabbos.

(This post was intended more for me to put down what he said in words than to publicly advise others on their avodas Hashem. It was, as I said above, intriguing, and I thought I'd share it.)

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