Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weird Words Wednesday

One thing that I love about the English language is how connotative it is. When you say a word, adverbs, adjectives, verbs or nouns, they almost always have a positive or negative ring to them and/or with varying degrees of strength. Vile and evil both mean, but vile has a stronger negative connotation. And so on with every word.  Guru and expert mean the same thing, but guru implies a greater expertise at the subject than expert does.

So, what comes to your mind when you read the word pulchritudinous? Probably something not so nice or pleasant, right?

Wrong. It has a positive meaning! It means physically beautiful! I never would have guessed that it meant beautiful, and I would not have guessed in a million years that it even had a positive connotation!

Pretty weird if you ask me.