Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fits Perfectly

(I scheduled this to post yesterday, but it didn't, oddly.. So, a date late, but here you have it!)

Today's Weird Word Wednesday is in honor of my poetry.

I replied to someone's email this past week using poetry. I did this because he had replied with poetry to an email that I had sent him. As I reviewed my poem, I noticed that, being brutally honest, it wasn't the greatest. I had written 4-line stanzas with alternating rhymes. But, it wasn't a smooth read as the cadence was, to be gentle to myself, off. In my defense, I wrote 15 4-line stanzas in an hour. A line a minute is frankly insulting to poetry... for me, anyway. I'm nowhere near capable enough of writing a good 60-line poem in 60 minutes.

The poem was written in doggerel verse. Today's word: doggerel. It means comic or burlesque, and usually loose or irregular in measure.

This is one of many of thousands of wonderful examples that I can use to illustrate my love for English. There is a word for everything!

I won't say that most of my poetry is written in such verse, but my latest work (which, apologetically, I won't be sharing due to its personal nature) fits the bill quite nicely.

The etymology is probably from "dog" and the pejorative suffix "rel" referring to verse being written with "puppyish clumsiness."1

I learned something new about English looking up the etymology of this word, and that is that there are suffixes that are inherently pejorative. Meaning, the suffix has a negative slant to it; "tard," "ista," "ster" and "nik" are all examples of pejorative suffixes.2



1 Etymology of Doggerel
2 Examples of Pejorative Suffix


  1. Interesting! Have you ever tried slam poetry?

  2. I'd love to give it a go, but I remain uninformed of their whereabouts. It's like a secret society of sorts!

    I was once invited by a friend to attend, but he warned me that the contents of the poems frequently leant themselves to the more lewd topics and the people there were going to be of a similar sort. I'd have gone had I remained unawares, but with that knowledge I didn't feel comfortable. If you know of upcoming ones that are of the more sedate type topic-wise, I'd definitely want to attend!