Monday, September 9, 2013

I Need a Kitchen!

So my roommate is moving out. I don't mind this terribly, but it means 2 things have to happen. The first one, which is the bigger concern I suppose, is finding a new roommate. I'm not terribly worried about that. It's that time of year where people are looking, so I'm hoping the phone will be ringing off the hook.

The other thing that has to happen is that I have to buy an entire kitchen set, times two of course for anything that can be used for either fleishigs or milchigs. My roommate had brought with him when we moved in together everything, so there was no need for me to buy anything until now. He's gone, I need to buy it all. Woohoo.

The question is, what to get?!

So, I put together a Wish List on Amazon. If y'all could look it over and let me know if I'm missing anything, that would be awesome. I haven't decided which specific product I'm going to get hence the doubles, but the product list is there for your examination.

When I told some women that I was planning on buying an entire new kitchen, the envy shone on their faces. I'm dreading the prospect of making a mistake and buying a poor-quality item, and they're begging me to let them come with them! Yikes! But, I think I'm going to buy everything online, so no one will be accompanying me anywhere.

Below is my list. Any advice, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Companies you love, companies you hate, products and all that stuff would be exceedingly helpful.

Thanks :-)

Link: Lost & Found's Amazon Wish List


  1. Eh, just get plastic. Then you don't gotta worry about washing it!

    1. Lol... Can't cook and bake with plastic :P

      But for eating nightly, yup, I use plastic!

  2. I love shopping for kitchen stuff! I could spend hours just browsing through those aisles.

    Hahaha! That's what my kitchen is missing…a turtle! (Just don't cook it :-p) I would also add measuring cups and spoons and a strainer to the list. Food storage containers are helpful. A cutting board is also nice, but not necessarily needed.

    1. You can thank Princess Lea for me realizing that I had this comment to come back to... Heh heh *gulp*

      Definitely. All kitchens should have a turtle in it. Plush if not real. The candy if not plush.

  3. Love the turtle! I also had to put together a kitchen for the first time this year in my new campus housing - but I have a bunch of suitemates so it wasn't hard to acquire everything. I'll echo Jewish Gal and recommend a colander/strainer and cutting board(s). Also, our ice cube trays get quite a bit of use. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I can't even begin to tell you how important turtles are to completing a kitchen. True, without the rest of the list, the turtle in and of itself doesn't complete it, but it comes close to doing the job all on its own.

      Thanks for your help! (You too Jewish Gal- forgot to mention that part in your comment.)

  4. Ah, so remiss of me not to comment on this earlier:

    Knives: No need to by 15 of them. One only needs two knives, a narrow serrated one, like a tomato knife, and a large wide nonserrated one, like a chef's knife. Santoku is also pretty awesome. Always gravitate towards the one with the most and best reviews; the people know quality. Opt for German, they can't be beat.

    Pots: Hard-anodized, perfect, the only way to go. An Everyday pan like I had linked are great because they are multipurpose; they act as frying pan and not. But the T-Fal sets do have rockin' reviews, and those cannot be ignored.

    The Maxam kitchen tool set gets me nervous in terms of the unflattering reviews, same with the EZ baker set. Neither are desperately needed. A ladle, and a silicone spatula for scraping out the pot, a cheap peeler from anywhere will do.

    I have oven mitts somewhere but I never end up using them. Doubled towels suffice. Pyrex mixing bowls, great. Cuisinart has been upping their game lately, so I trust their appliances. But the Panasonic microwaves have better reviews for around the same price.

    Of course, if you bought everything, ignore me.

    1. Quite remiss. But with this lengthy comment, you've made up for it.

      Thanks for the in-depth review!

      I haven't bought anything yet (not even the turtle)- want to go on a shopping spree on my behalf?

    2. Let's see if the learner has become the master.

      Oh, and a cookie sheet to put under whatever goes in the oven in case of overflowing. Makes cleanup a whole lot easier.

      It comes down to this: It is always worth it to invest a little more in better quality. Then it will constantly be reliable, and last a very long time.

    3. So you don't want to buy everything for me? Sigh... I had to try...