Monday, September 23, 2013

Learning from Grandma

Many months ago, I was on the phone with my grandmother talking about whatever, and somehow or other we started talking about Judaism and our own challenges when it comes to growing spiritually. 

My grandmother is not one to talk about herself. She'd rather hear what's going on with me. That's probably normal, right? 

It was quite a surprise to me to not only hear her talk about herself, but to talk about challenges she has faced. The absolutely shocking thing to me was that she wasn't only talking about the past, but the present as well! 

I know, I know, we're always supposed to be growing. But doesn't it sometimes feel like, "I've done so much" and "I'm so old" and "I'm so tired" and "I have so much other stuff to do" and all that rot. I definitely feel that way. I know that I can/should/must change, and I try. 

To hear my grandmother talking about her struggles and how she's trying to grow and become a better person, was.... amazing... inspiring... 

For me, for some things, it's not enough to read stories in a book, learn in a sefer, hear it from a rebbi. I need to know that it's being done by "normal" people living normal lives. 

My grandmother, who is a very special lady in her own way, was the "normal" person who showed me that no matter how old you are, no matter what you're busy with, no matter what you've done, growing is something we're capable of, always. 

It's obvious, but I know that I needed a reminder of it.... A constant reminder. Speaking to my grandmother on a regular basis helps with that, but writing about Learning from Grandma, and seeing it in words, is another reminder :-)

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