Thursday, October 3, 2013

Awesome Feeling

There are many things that make me feel happy. Little things, many of them. Tonight, there was something big that made me feel awesome. Like, totally awesome. Really really really happy.

A few weeks ago a client requested something from my company in a project. Employees of the company told them again and again that it's not possible. Phone calls were made, meetings were held, Google was searched, etc. etc. etc., nothing doing.

My coworkers are trying to get me involved in this project that's being going on for a while, and I'm doing everything I can to not be involved. Not because I have anything against the clients,  but because I have so much work to do, adding more work is not going to be good... for any of my clients.

So my coworker called me up tonight and asked me to meet with the clients to discuss with them all sorts of things and explain to them, why what they wanted... Can't. Be. Done

I agreed to the meeting, and then offered an off-the-cuff solution to what they wanted. 30 seconds on Google confirmed it would be exactly what they want. . My coworker has some major backpedaling to do, but a solution has been found!

I'm happy, and more importantly, our clients are happy.

Awesome Feeling :-)

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