Sunday, October 13, 2013


You are wont to complain 
About friendships that are not real 
"Why aren't they?" and "They should be" 
Is a common theme by you

I know the answer, so listen close 
Information given in confidence 
Is called a secret, NOT gossip 
Is a sign of friendship, TO BE treasured

You hand out my secrets 
You reveal those of others
My hand of friendship I withdraw
I tried to trust, I see you've failed

I was reluctant with telling you 
But I took the leap anyway 
Not for my sake, but for yours 
To be the friend you longed for

Fool me once, shame on you 
Fool me twice, shame on me 
With you though, I had a feeling 
So fool me once, shame on me

Suspicion confirmed, trust broken 
Are you happy now? 
Your momentary glory by now is gone 
With it, I bid you goodbye

You wonder why you're alone
Perhaps keep your mouth shut 
Do not share what isn't yours 
Keep to yourself, secrets of others

With my secret wittingly released 
Not knowing I would find out 
Broke my trust, broke my heart 
My offer you've insulted and stabbed

For revealing to you my secret 
For shame! is all I can say to myself 
Of you telling others of it 
I shake my head in sorrow

See what you have gained 
Examine what you've lost 
I hope you find it was worth it
It's too late to go back now

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