Tuesday, October 15, 2013


For those who haven't read the previous post, here it is. Stolen!!! It's not completely necessary for the story below, but it's quite helpful. (forgive the awkward link, but the color scheme I have makes it difficult to see.)

There is someone who cannot be named who I owe more than I could possibly pay back. 

The pizza shop guy. He had innocently given my Nexus 7 Tablet to someone who claimed to own it. There is no possible way he could have known that it wasn't his. 

When I stopped by this morning to ask him if he had it, not only did he immediately fess up, he immediately promised to do his utmost to do all he could to have it returned to me.

A quick Google search told me that (as of a study done in 2004) 6.7% of stolen electronic items are recovered. That's nothing, no?

I had given up. I mean, what. are. the. chances. It was gone.

Not only was it stolen, it was then sold! So we were no longer chasing down the guy who stole it, but the guy he had sold it to. 

Once I heard it was sold, I sighed, and tried to stop moping (I failed miserably in case you were wondering).

The pizza shop guy, however, never gave up. After after hour, as he pursued the case, he gave me updates and encouragement. I thought he was being naive and had all but dismissed his texts. My replies were injected with enthusiasm, hoping beyond hope that he actually could recover it.

He called me at 9:58pm. "Hi," I started, readying myself to hear the disappointing news. 

The perky "Hi!" in response was no indication as to the result of his hard work as he is a perpetually happy person.


"I have something for you."

*Unintelligible screaming, shouting and thank you's for 3 minutes.*

He got it back. He got it back. He got it back.

He beat the odds. Somehow. Someway. 

He took off virtually an entire day of work for my mistake.


Mi k'amcha Yisrael?

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