Sunday, October 20, 2013

Vitriolic Diatribe

You knew and so did he
Hidden, but for the world to see
Did you laugh? Tell others about me?

Now that I know, BH, I'm meant for another
My children, having you as their mother?
You're capable of such deceit... Shudder

The emotions you make me feel
That caused me to write this spiel
Letting it all out should help me heal

Cathartic this is, beyond that, G-d knows
I wish I'd confront you, but why expose
The betrayals that'd only cause more rows

English and poetry, I must say thank you
For this vitriol you let me aim at that shrew
Space for Rent, the happy kind, is long due

There are few healthy ways to express anger and disgust at the actions of others. When confronting them is not viable, and a one-on-one release is not going to happen, the anger simmers and boils. This poem has helped release some, if not all, of that disappointment, feeling of betrayal and anger from two people that I once called friends.

I know that this post may have revealed another flaw, but I'd prefer that you all know about my character flaws than keep my anger pent up inside of me.

"Space for Rent" is a reference to the following quote: Don't let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out- Robert Tew

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