Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oh Brain, Where Art Thou?

Do you ever wonder if you have ADD? I mean no offense to those who do, nor do I mean to mitigate the seriousness of the disorder. But does anyone have those moments?

This morning I left my house and started my day, only to realize that the familiar weight of my wallet in my back pocket wasn't there. After a minute of wondering how that had happened, and checking my pockets, I went back home to begin the search of my nightstand. My wallet is always in the same place, so that it wasn't there was disconcerting to say the least. So I expanded my search to the surrounding area.

After 3 minutes of searching, I realized that there was an unfamiliar weight in one of my side pockets, the only one I hadn't checked in my initial cursory search.... of course.

There it was. Sitting prettily and innocently.

Sigh... Sometimes I wonder...

On with the day!


  1. Haha, at least you found it :-p Yesterday, I decided to make pancakes for breakfast and I kinda got lost in thought…I suddenly realized I was adding soy sauce instead of vanilla!

    1. Ya, thank goodness..

      Oh boy... I want to laugh, but it feels mean to lol... So, oy... :P

  2. Lol Jewish Gal. That's funny!
    And L& F, your above scenario is me in a nutshell...This kind of thing usually happens to me at least once a week. Confession: I can be scatterbrained. Very much so. It turns out you're in good company..

    1. Good company indeed! I managed to lose my cellphone for an hour and a half this past Monday... Nervous breakdown time... I wish there was a tactic I could use to avoid these situations. The mood swings (upset then ecstatic) is wreaking havoc!