Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I messed up, royally. I've been working for this company for close to a year and I have never made a mistake as enormous as this one.

I lost files from a meeting. A 3-hour meeting in which an absolute ton of information was communicated to me. What's worse is that I'm working on a ridiculously tight deadline and I really really really needed all of that information.

I have 6 days to finish this project, and it's nowhere near done. Which is normally not a problem. Thank God, I work quickly and manage fairly well when placed under an enormous amount of pressure. But that's assuming I have the information I need!!! And now I don't!!!!!

I suppose it says something about my competence that the worst thing that's ever happened is losing information from a meeting, but at the moment, I'm in so much trouble.

As I'm fond of doing when words don't do my feelings justice, I make up or use an onomatopoeia... Gack!!! (seems I'm "using" one this time 'round: Source)

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