Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Left Out

I took some time today to comment on a bunch of blogs that I read, or attempt to read. (How do you all have time to write, read and comment?!)

But I felt so left out.

All of you have word verification on and I don't.

That's a blessing right? I'm lucky enough that I don't have underpaid slaves in third-world countries attempting to use my blog as their platform for SEO purposes. It's great.

I feel so left out that all of you (sadiiiissttssss!!) get away with doling out headaches to one another trying to interpret those ridiculously distorted characters. Yet here I am being all nice and gentle on your heads.

It's only fair that I repay the favor, no?


  1. Replies
    1. So, you're insulted? Is that the point you're trying to get across?

  2. Oh sweetie. Persevere and you'll be DROWNING in spam.

    1. I'll enjoy not giving you all headaches while it lasts. I'll know it was your fault if "coincidentally" the spamming starts next week :-)