Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mormons and Lumberyards

A few years ago, on a beautiful Friday afternoon, I was sitting on the front porch of my apartment with a friend. We were each lost in our own thoughts when he mused to me that I condescend to people.

"I what?!"
"You condescend to people. Well, to people who you think are stupider than you."
"I do not!"
"Yes you do."
"I do not!"
"Yes you do."
"I do not!"
"Yes you do."
"I do not!"
"Yes you do."
"I do not!"
"Yes you do."
"I do not!"
"Yes you do."
"I do not!"
"Yes, L&F, you do."
"Dang, I do?"
"Yes, you do."

After much thought, I realized that he was right. I most definitely didn't do it on purpose, and everyone who knows me knows that I'd never purposely talk down to people. 

Since then, I've worked on myself a lot to try and rid myself of that horrible trait.

I thought I had been successful.

Until this semester. 

I have a classmate who... well, read the story and draw your own conclusion.

The professor was giving us a Calculus question. He arbitrarily chose wooden fencing as the material he would use in the example. Then this happened:

Guy: "Where does the wood come from?"
Professor: "Huh? What does it matter? Say it came from the lumberyard."
Guy: "Mormons!"
Me: "What the...."
Rest of class: "Huh?"
Professor: "What do you mean?"
Guy: "Well, I saw something once where a Mormon said that he and his father both worked in lumberyards."
Class and Professor: "So?"
Guy: "Well, obviously, all Mormons who work work in lumberyards. Don't get me wrong, not only Mormons work in lumberyards, but all Mormons that work work in lumberyards."
Me: Bursts out crying in pain.
Rest of Class: "What the...."
Professor: Burst out laughing and grabs onto desk to support himself. 
Guy: "What?! It makes perfect sense."

Once the professor calmed down, the class stopped looking around in bewilderment and I stopped trying to throw myself out the nearby window, the professor tried (and failed miserably) to explain with a straight face where the guy had gone wrong. To this day, no one is quite sure if he understood.

This is but one anecdote of too many to count, and it would be far too traumatizing for me to try and recall.

It's this guy who I have to deal with multiple times a week, for hours at a time. 

This guy who has caused me to revert back to my old ways and condescend when forced to talk to him.

I tried, I tried so hard. I just can't deal with him. 

How bad is this, reading it from an unbiased perspective?


  1. Yeah, not really seeing the connection there! Almost every class has one of those annoying people who picks up on arbitrary details and ends up making no sense. I guess it is condescending to roll your eyes at them or give them attitude, but sometimes people are just objectively ridiculous so you can feel less guilty about it.

    This has nothing to do with anything, but Mormons are really awesome. They aren't all lumberjacks, believe it or not. ;) My Hillel does the occasional interfaith program with their student group and I always come away so impressed with how dedicated they are to their faith.

    1. I feel less guilty after last night. He made a complete fool out of himself again. Sigh... So painful... Can't wait for this semester to end- not having to deal with him being the primary reason sadly

      Haha! I've never had much of anything to do with them so I'll take your word for it :-)