Tuesday, May 20, 2014

In a Bind

A host of mine has a daughter who is looking for a job. I have a position open in the company that she fits. I spoke to the host and offered to give her a shot. 

I spoke to her (on her father's phone). She told me that she isn't sure if the particular work I have for her is a strength of hers. Rather than hire her on the spot, we agreed that I'd give her some work to do and we'd take it from there. 

I emailed her the work I needed done. I told her to call me so that we can discuss before she begins. 

Then, nothing.

2 days later I emailed her asking what was going on (nicely).


The next day she emails me asking for the lowdown. I emailed her back 8 minutes later suggesting she call me to discuss. 

Nothing. She has a smartphone, so it it's not like she needed to be in front of a computer to get the email. 

5 (!!!!!!!!!!!) days later she calls me. I missed the call because I rarely pick up the phone if it's a number I don't recognize. She left a message asking me to call her back and saying she'd call back later. 

She hasn't called back since.

Now, what am I supposed to do? I have a business to (help) run, and hiring someone who takes a week to call (when I told her off the bat we needed to discuss it on the phone), isn't good business sense. On the other hand, her dad is awesome and don't want to burn any bridges by telling his daughter to go fly a kite. 

I've hired people. I've fired people. I've turned down applications. But it's the daughter of a friend, and I don't think that's a tactic I can take here.

I understand now why mixing business and personal matters are not a good idea. I always understood the theory of it, but now I have the issue staring me in the face. And I have no idea what to do. 

What would you do?


  1. Been there done that. That's why I avoid offering such things to begin with. That being said, u have your business to run. The dad is a grownup and not an idiot, and he will understand where you come from when u don't give her the job. It will be a lesson for her not to be a flake.

    1. Sorry for the late reply!

      Ya, I've learned the hard way. The next time I spoke to her dad, he kind of sighed and asked "she didn't contact you, did she?" I answered honestly, and that was the end of it. It definitely helped that he's a business owner and understands how it all works.

  2. Tell the dad that the time it took his daughter to respond is irresponsible, and you cannot hire her for that reason.
    If he's a good dad, he'll ask you to give her a second chance, and then tell her to get her $h!t together, at which point, if she's really interested, she'll call again.

    1. Thankfully, he got it without me saying anything lol. I didn't want to bash her under any circumstances, so he helped me in that regards.

      I wouldn't have given her a second chance after she so effectively ignored me. I think he also realized that and didn't bother.

  3. She hasn't gotten back to you. From that you can extrapolate that she is not interested in the position, and can move forward finding someone else to fill it. If she (eventually) shows up, you can say (politely), "Oh, since you didn't get back to me I thought you weren't interested. I had to fill the position, so I hired someone else." Finish off with a "I-had-no-choice" puppy face.

    As for the father, no need to bring it up; you were dealing with the daughter directly. She wasn't behaving professionally, but that doesn't have to be said. If he brings it up, just say the same thing: "Oh, she didn't get back to me, and I really needed to fill the position. Wow, that chulent looks great, can you pass it over?" Chances are he knows she's a shlack and won't hold it against you.

    1. Ya, that would have been the route I'd taken had it come to it, but I haven't bumped into her since this whole thing happened, and at this point, she'd have to be brainless to even consider asking me. If she were stupid enough to ask, I wouldn't say yes simply because I wouldn't want to hire someone so idiotic.

      That's exactly what I did! Thanks for the advice. When he did mention it, he wouldn't have let the conversation die so quickly, but thankfully he was on my side.

    2. Thankfully! They know when they have shlacky kids.

    3. Haha, I think I got lucky that he's suuuuuch a businessman. Pretty sure most other parents wouldn't have been chilled out about it.