Monday, November 10, 2014

Music to my Ears

Oh, Amazon, you are amazing. Not because of Amazon Prime, not because of your incredible customer service, but because of your music.

I called today about two issues that I was having, and I was, naturally, put on hold (in that sense, they are like every other customer service). Instead of playing jarring music, with random interruptions touting their services, they played classical music.

Two weeks ago, ordering contact lenses, i was put on hold and was ready to hang up. The music was painful. My ears were actually hurting.

Calling T-Mobile, the music sucked and they interrupted the music with some annoying dude talking about how awesome T-Mobile is.

I had to call Optimum last week to set up internet for an office I'm opening. Same as T-Mobile. Awful music, annoying dude.

And then I called Amazon. I got nervous about what music and annoying stuff they were going to be talking about when I was told I was being put on hold. You can't imagine how ecstatic I was when classical music started playing! I was in heaven.

Keep up the good work Amazon. A lot of companies could learn from you.

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