Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Random LinkedIn Invitations

Considering today's significance in my own life, it's rather odd that I'd be writing, of all things, about random LinkedIn invitations, but eh, why not. I want to start writing again (on both blogs!) and writing about something random is better than not writing at all.

For the third time in recent weeks, I've gotten an invitation to connect on a frum girl that I don't know.

I don't remember if it's been every time, but I believe I've had shared connections with all of them. No one I'm close to mind you, and if they were attempting to set me up with a girl, it definitely wouldn't be going through LinkedIn. In one case, the connections are a shunned cousin and a former employee.

Now, if they were in a similar field to the one I'm in and were looking for a job, I could understand. But no, they aren't. Only of them is in a field that my business would even need. Accounting, in case you were wondering. But if that were the case, then you'd think there be an InMail to go along with the invite. Nope. Just the invite.

I'm at a loss here people. Why are frum girls inviting random frum guys to connect on LinkedIn? Is LinkedIn the new "I'm going to add him on Facebook because I'm interested"? Ya, no. At least, I hope not.

Then there's my response to the invitation. Accept? Ignore? Do I accept and then follow up with an InMail asking what's up with the invite?

Anyone? Any ideas?


  1. Thats a pet peeve of mine. It happens all the time. People don't seem to get that LinkedIn is a "professional" social network, and not meant for reconnecting with friends or finding dates. I simple ignore those invites.

    1. I know, right?! On the one hand, ridiculous and strange, but then again, kind of hilarious.

  2. It could also be that your email is somehow in their contact list (somehow, in the last XX years it got added?) so when they hit "Connect" on LinkedIn it adds you?
    But the better question: Why aren't the frum girls adding me? :(

    1. Hm, no idea how that would have happened. I honestly have never heard of these people and don't know how they would've heard of me.

      Er.... My answer is not for public consumption 0:-)

  3. Is it at all possible they took one of those "get a job" workshops and were told to network so they figured they'd network with all the frum Jews in their area they could find? (This is me trying to find the benefit of the doubt in there somewhere.)

  4. Sorry for the late reply! I logged into this account for a completely unrelated reason and happened to see that you commented almost a month ago!

    Oh, anything is possible I suppose. But not sure what kind of networking it is to just add without an InMail, so, not sure how helpful it is to be connecting.

    Thanks for the comment! Maybe I'll post something in your honor... maybe... :-P